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TSDS High Torque Connections

Your Drilling Advantage

Texas Steel Double Shoulder (TSDS) High Torque connections are built to provide the additional torque and torsional strength for your drilling application.

Enhanced Performance - Increases drilling performance through improved hydraulic capacity and exceptional torsional strength.

Versatile Compatibility - Interchangeable with API industry standard threads and certain other double shoulder connections.

Superior Torsional Strength - Torque capacity is 40% to 60% greater than standard API connections for comparable size drill pipe.

Exceptional Value - Providing lower initial product cost, lower cost of rework, reduced material cost and longer operational life.

Reduced Rig Time - Minimal make-up turns equal to API and special handling tools are not required.


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TSDS Connection


Drill Pipe Performance Characteristics

Pipe Body

New-API New 95%RBW Premium
OD(in) 4.500 4.500 4.365
Wall Thickness(in) 0.337 0.320 0.270
ID ref.(in) 3.826 3.860 3.826
Calculated Plain End Weights(lbs/ft) 14.98 14.29 11.81
Note: Premium properties are calculated based on uniform OD and wall thickness.
Cross Sectional Area Pipe Body (in2) 4.407 4.204 3.469
Cross Sectional Area OD (in2) 15.90 15.90 14.97
Cross Sectional Area ID (in2) 11.50 11.70 11.50
Section Modulus (in3) 4.271 4.104 3.347
Polar Section Modulus (in3) 8.543 8.209 6.694
Torsional Yield (ft-lbs) 55,453 55,286 43,450
Tensile Yield (ft-lbs) 595,004 567,542 468,297
80% Torsional Yield (ft-lbs) 44,362 44,629 34,760
Internal Pressure Yield (psi) 17,693 19,209 16,176
Collapse Capacity (psi) 16,773 15,116 10,964

Drill Pipe Assembly with TSDS42 Tool Joint

API Adjusted Weight (lbs/ft) 17.86
95% Adjusted Weight (lbs/ft) 17.25
Premium Adjusted Weight (lbs/ft) 14.88
Assm Length Shld'r to Shld'r approx. (ft)) 31.50
Displacement Open Ends approx. (gal/ft) 0.273
Fluid Capcity approx. (gal/ft) 0.573

Tool Joint

ID (in) 2 13/16
Tool Joint with a Material Yield Strength of 135,000 pst
Pin Tong Length (in) 9
Box Tong Length (in) 12
Torsional Yield New (ft-lbs) 41,980
Recommended Make-Up Torque New (ft-lbs) 25,180
Recommended Make-Up Torque Premium (ft-lbs) 25,540
Balance OD (in) 5.257
Pin Tensile Yield (lbs) 891,100
Approx. Tension to Yield Pin at Reccomended Make-Up Torque New (lb)
Approx. Tension to Yield Pin at Reccomended Make-Up Torque Premium (lb)
Tool Joint/Drill Pipe torsional Ratio (New Pipe) 0.76
Tool Joint/Drill Pipe torsional Ratio (Premium Pipe) 0.83
Min OD for premium class (in) 5.094

Technical Notes

1. All data is calculated based on standard methods. No safety factor is applied.
2. Premium Class drill pipe data is based on a minimum wall thickness equal to 80% of new drill pipe nominal wall thickness, reference API RP7G.
3. Specified tool joint OD is smaller than the standard API tool joint for 4-1/2 drill pipe. New and/or used tool joint size might not be suitable for hoisting the drill string with a bottle neck elevator. User is advised to contact their elevator manufacturer for elevator hoist capacity rating versus tool joint OD.
4. The technical information contained herein is for reference purposes only. TSC Drill Pipe does not assume responsibility for results obtained through the use of technical information, no warrenty is expressed or implied. User is fully responsible for the accuracy and suitability of use of the technical information and application of appropriate safety factor.