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Drill Pipe


Texas Steel Conversion, Inc.’s dedication to manufacturing the best drill pipe on the market (in terms of both quality and value), led to the creation of TSC Drill Pipe to ensure this goal was met and continuously pushed further. Talented professionals with extensive industry knowledge, specializing in the drill pipe sector, were selected to lead TSC Drill Pipe. This group has worked tirelessly since 2011 to reach these goals and the results have been astounding. Our engineering ingenuity coupled with our quality procedures allows us to produce drill pipe of unsurpassed integrity, durability, reliability, consistency, and ease of use. Simply said, our drill pipe is engineered to endure.


At TSC Drill Pipe, our customers’ needs and welfare govern each decision we make. That is why our drill pipe bodies are engineered to exceed API specifications. One example of our drill pipe surpassing API standards can be seen in our drill pipe body, which exceeds a 95% remaining body wall. This has been proven by the extensive data we collect throughout our stringent quality checks. This is achieved by procuring heavier wall pipe that is made with a robust chemistry that has been engineered to meet our demanding quality requirements. The result is exceptional drill pipe with the longest wear-life! This means that you will have less unplanned downtime in the field, fewer reworks, and drill pipe bodies that will last even in the toughest drilling environments - saving you time and money.


Everything we engineer into TSC Drill Pipe is designed to engineer one thing out: failure. Our drill pipe has a proven track record worldwide, in a wide range of environments. From onshore to offshore and high torque to sour service, let TSC Drill Pipe’s experience and expertise go to work for you. We know that each well site has its own unique challenges. Our goal is to provide you with the right drill pipe to help your project succeed! So in addition to offering API connections, TSC Drill Pipe offers proprietary connections along with specialized drill pipe grades to give you the ultimate drilling advantage!


TSC Drill Pipe provides a variety of services to ensure that your drill pipe is successful in even the most demanding onshore and offshore environments. Our line of proprietary drill pipe grades have been developed to enhance toughness, restrict the maximum strength level and hardness of the drill pipe body, or to combat the significant amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide found in sour service wells. These drill pipe characteristics are achieved through proprietary grade material and through a tightly controlled processing procedure specifically designed to produce the drill pipe body characteristics you require.