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Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Transition Drill Pipe

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) serves a very important role downhole. It helps to alleviate the stress between the stiff Drill Collar and the more flexible drill pipe. The thicker wall allows it to absorb the stress and help prevent a potential failure from drill pipe fatigue. Our HWDP is engineered to have the same external dimensions as drill pipe to help the rig crew seamlessly transition from one to the other. We extend the wear-life of our HWDP by only utilizing tubes with a robust chemistry and building the HWDP with a center wear pad. We also offer hardbanding on the center wear pad for an added layer of protection.

Features & Benefits

  • EXCEPTIONAL VALUE - using HWDP helps to decrease drill pipe fatigue failures, which means you purchase less drill pipe for your well
  • EXTENDED WEAR-LIFE - Hardbanding and longer tool joints are available to extend the wear-life of your HWDP
  • REDUCED RIG TIME - no special handling tools required
  • SERVICE ADVANTAGE - TSC Drill Pipe partners with strategically located Service & Repair Centers around the world